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Podium Alberta: Alberta High Performance Athlete Assistance Program

Podium Alberta: Alberta High Performance Athlete Assistance Program
The Alberta High Performance Athlete Assistance Program grant provides support to Alberta’s High Performance Athletes.
  • To help athletes continue their pursuit of athletic excellence at the highest levels of national and international competition;
  • To encourage athletes to stay in Alberta to live and train;
  • To enable athletes to successfully pursue excellence in sport while fulfilling their educational goals;
  • To increase athlete access to high performance coaching and sports science practitioners;
  • To enhance training and competitive opportunities available to athletes.
  • The following items are eligible under Podium Alberta:
  • Standard living costs (e.g., rent/mortgage, utilities, groceries, medical expenses, etc.);
  • Costs directly associated with training (e.g., coaching, sports science, facility fees, other athlete services);
  • Costs associated with attending training camps and competitions (e.g., entry fees, travel costs);
  • Sport specific equipment;
  • Education related expenses excluding tuition (e.g., books, fees).
  • Athletes nominated and accepted for carding status under Sport Canada’s Athlete Assistance Program (AAP), and meeting all the following criteria:
  • Athlete must have been a resident of Alberta at least one year prior to year in review.
  • Athlete must be training in Alberta. Exceptions will be made providing that the athlete can substantiate:
  • That he/she cannot receive the required level of training in Alberta and is out of the province temporarily during the year (i.e., due to lack of facilities, coaching, competition, national team requirements);
  • That he/she must attend a post-secondary institution out-of-province because the course of study is not available in Alberta;
  • That it is more financially feasible to attend a post-secondary institution out-of-province, or other extenuating circumstances that require the athlete to be out of province.
  • Athlete is not receiving funding from another province or territory.
  • Athlete must not be under sanction as per the Canadian Anti-Doping Policy.
    How are athletes considered for Podium Alberta eligibility?
  • All Alberta athletes who have been nominated and accepted for funding through Sport Canada’s AAP and who continue to meet AAP eligibility requirements will be considered for Podium Alberta status.
  • Carded Athletes must complete and sign a Podium Alberta application form and submit it by October 1 requesting support for the year in review.
  • See the website.
    This grant program is currently not accepting new applicants.
    Podium Alberta will provide up to an additional 1/3 in funding over and above the funding received from Sport Canada’s AAP for the year in review – dependent on funding available, the number of athletes enrolled, and demonstration of eligible expenditures, For example: An athlete receiving $18,000 from Sport Canada between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012 will apply by October 1, 2012, and be eligible to receive up to $6,000.

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