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Same Game Challenge

Same Game Challenge
This initiative is aimed at empowering sport leaders in sport and recreation organizations with knowledge and tools to tackle gender inequity and help make Canadian sport more inclusive.
Same Game Challenge is for sport leaders who are inspired to reimagine how women and girls access their sport but have been frustrated in their ability to make efficient and effective change. Through Same Game, sport leaders will go through an online gender equity journey, receive 1:1 coaching and mentorship on how to embed gender equity into organizational strategies, process, and programs, get access to free licenses of the Gender Equity LENS e-learning module for organizational leaders and receive a $1,000 honorarium to support organizational gender equity activities.
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June 15, 2023
Participants will also connect and collaborate with a community of participants made up of diverse people and organizations from across Canada, developing increased knowledge and greater confidence in promoting gender equity within their organization.

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Canadian Women & Sport
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