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Engaging Newcomers

Statistics Canada census data (2016) for Edmonton residents found that 13.1% are not Canadian citizens with 8.0% moving to Edmonton from outside Canada. Most Edmonton immigrants (58%) were born in Asia. Approximately two-thirds of immigrants were between 15 and 44 years old with one-quarter under 15 years.

By 2030, immigration will account for all of Canada’s net population growth. Edmonton is already being transformed as it grows to a projected population of two million within thirty years, and these demographic trends will undoubtedly impact the sport and physical activity system. Grassroots and professional organizations need to find ways to appeal to this diverse new audience, and it is the responsibility of all sport and physical activity leaders to ensure that the system is accessible to all Edmontonians.

Participation barriers may include:

1. Financial7. Language And Communication
2. Transportation8. Competing Interests
3. Time Commitment9. Political and Cultural Differences
4. Organizational Policies10. Lack of Integration into Mainstream Leagues
5. Unfamiliarity with Sport11. Perceptions of Certain Sports
6. Lack of Information 


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