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Team Canada Olympic Day Grant 2

Team Canada Olympic Day Grant
In celebration of Olympic Day, recognized annually by the IOC on June 23, Team Canada is opening applications for the Team Canada Olympic Day Grant for Canadian schools with the goal of empowering students to play and stay in sport. Sport brings communities together, teaches us leadership and fair play, and fuels our health and well-being. But often there are barriers that mean that young Canadians either “can’t” or “won’t’” participate in sport. We believe that we play a role in ensuring access and a quality experience in sport at all levels. A total of up to 10 grants of up to $5,000 are available for schools across the country to fund programs and projects that enable more students to access sport and/or support students to stay in sport by promoting the inclusion of underrepresented groups and creating safe and positive sporting experiences. Successful schools will also receive a Team Canada Olympian speaking engagement to inspire students to participate in sport and develop the skills to thrive and succeed in their daily lives.
The primary Applicant must be an individual who works for a registered school/board/division in Canada including: – Elementary, intermediate, or secondary publicly funded schools; – First nation, metis, and Inuit elementary, intermediate, secondary schools and educational programs; and – Educational institutions in Canada (e.g., First nations education departments, school boards/divisions, etc.). Applicants must also meet all other eligibility criteria set out in the Team Canada Olympic Day Grant Terms and Conditions. These include: – Funding must be used before May 1st, 2024; – Proposed projects must link to an Olympic Day Pillar (Move, Learn, Discover, Together for a Better World); – Successful Applicants must agree to complete an impact report by June 15th, 2024, which shall include (1) a detailed financial report for the project, (2) key statistics on the project including the number of students participating, impact, and qualitative/anecdotal feedback.
November 10, 2023 – 23:59pm EST